RPA: Rapid Prototype Assemblage

For the first project in my second semester for 3D modeling I wanted to address more personal issues rather than outward worldly issues. In brainstorming for this project, I decided upon mental health issues as my first ideas.

In my piece, I am looking to bring to life the internal feelings of both my depression and my ADHD, and how these present themselves to me in a daily basis. Often times, this manifests in feeling like I’m torn in different directions, part of me trying to be the best I can while the other half lags behind, dragging me down. I attempted to visualize this with my sketches.

A front view of initial sketches
A top view of initial sketches
A back view of initial sketches.

The sketches above show only the rapid prototyped portion of the piece. In addition to the 3D Printing, I will be including found text, which will come from my actual ADHD and depression diagnosis paperwork. This will be used across the piece as a visual enhancement for the piece. The piece will sit on a concrete slab.

First render of the model with texturing and environment
First version of this view, I was worried the background was distracting, however I like the imposing feeling of the mannequins
Version two with a less distracting background
Using light to emphasize the split
Using the light to highlight the stringy slim between the split halves

With my model finally created, I can begin to tweak the flaws in my design and use critique feedback to further improve the piece. I am thrilled with the way the being is splitting, however I think more emphasis needs to be put on the feelings which I am trying to convey. The figure does not seem to show emotion or evoke much of one from the viewer, and this is an important feature to me in the piece.

Rapid prototyping process of the sculpture
Fresh off the printer with the official print inspection

Having completed both the print and the word coverage, I am very pleased with how the piece turned out. The model is PLA+ in white, and the words are the doing paperwork with modge podge glossy for a wet and shiny look. The middle goop was created with string dipped in the modge podge and strung between the two halves. Then more was added to the middle to create extra droop and sag. Then once dry, the middle part and string were painted with a high gloss enamel paint for the wet and slimy look.

This piece has truly resonated with me, and I am confident that it is a stronger piece than I have created in the past for this class. Conceptually and artistically I feel this piece draws in the audience and begs to be read, looked at, even touched. The piece, titled Split, captures truly how I feel when battling my mental illnesses, and I believe is able to portray and communicate this to the readers. I have made the piece even more personal by including pieces of paperwork on the model which include my name and other ways of identifying me as the artist.