Anthropogenic Stalactites (2020)

For project 2, we were tasked with finding 5 interesting objects and model them as accurately as possible. To achiev this we were given calipers and instruction on different ways to model, texture wrap and uv map our objects to get them to look as close as possible to the results from real life.

The objects I chose all have personal meaning to me and each presented their own modeling challenge. The pliers are my most used set for all the art and cosplay I do at home and the airbrush is equally an important tool for the same purposes. The shot glasses and plush cat are both convention memorabilia, the shot glasses being from my favorite video game and the cat being a collectible plush I get at every convention. Finally the solar powered bobble head cats were a gift 8 years ago from my oldest friend.

After many hours and a lot of YouTube, I was able to come up with models I was happy with, despite struggles.

After completing the shots of the objects alone, I decided to put them in environments and take slightly more interesting renders.

A scene with all of the objects

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