Final Project

For my final project I decided to touch on consumerism and the environmental impacts in a way that was a bit more roundabout. In my piece, I have modeled a fish, resembling a betta fish. The betta is swimming in a small perfume bottle on a table with various pieces of jewelry and objects.

The piece, titled Confined is meant to show that our desire for things not only causes environmental impacts from waste, pollution and overuse causes the habitats of many animals to continue to shrink. Animals become confined to small hunting grounds, small migration zones and shrinking coverage availability. Taken from another perspective, our drive for consumerism and having the nicest and the prettiest leads us to mistreating the environment and animals. We breed dogs that cannot breathe, birds that cannot walk and many other horrific adaptations. We decide we want a new pet to show off and don’t care to look into proper care. This happens frequently in the aquarium world, where fish are often overstocked, put in tanks too small, left without heaters or filtration or just plain not fed. Bettas are sold with the “perk” that they are easy to care for and can lice in a bowl. This is not true and we wind up mistreating so many fish for short miserable lives until they die from the neglect. Confined shows a betta in a perfume bottle, which could be considered a very fashionable and unique tank for a betta, despite the abysmal conditions the fish would be living in. All for the sake of a pretty aesthetic.

Model credit to
TradeMark Gunderson for the Latern, succulent
Amber Thompson for the ring
Miles Shank for the Necklace
Yunchao Feng for the Perfume bottle
Sydney Frank for the earrings
Zezhong Yue for the hourglass

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