Anthropogenic Stalactites

Project 2

In the pursuit of more accurate and challenging models, real life objects are meticulously measured and modeled to scale in Cinema 4D. These objects are then shared, and used by classmates to achieve their desired art pieces.

Using the models made by classmates, I have created an entirely new scene.
Hand and pill bottle by Olivia Lou, Angel by Julian Robbins
A second version

For my final images, I made a work on something that I find really this close home to me, the indoctrination of people into the religious groups, particularly Christianity/ Catholicism. In my experience, the whole idea of religion is almost like a drug, in that people often use it as a crutch; for opinions, for actions, and for personal wellbeing. The ideals of religion are handed down by people who hold themselves as messengers of god, to people who view themselves as angels on earth.

Another final version of my render, adding a church to help add context and fill in the empty space more.